Spirit Grooves Videos

Astrologer Michael Erlewine Grooves and Dharma Grooves is
written produced, and directed
by Michael Erlewine.

Michael Erlewine is an award-wining archivist of popular culture and founder of AMG, the All-Music Guide, the All-Movie Guide, and ClassicPosters.com (rock concert posters), and many other sites.

Erlewine is also a world-famous astrologer, the first person to ever program astrology on home computers and make programs available to professional astrologers. The author of scores of books on astrology and related topics, including hundreds of articles.

Internationally known astrologer and author Noel Tyl (author of 34 books on astrology) has this to say about Michael Erlewine:

“Michael Erlewine is the giant influence whose creativity is forever imprinted on all astrologers’ work since the beginning of the Computer era! He is the man who single-handedly applied computer technology to astrological measurement, research, and interpretation, and has been the formative and leading light of astrology’s modern growth. Erlewine humanized it all, adding perception and incisive practical analyses to modern, computerized astrology. Now, for a second generation of astrologers and their public, Erlewine’s genius continues with StarTypes … and it’s simply amazing!”


Michael Erlewine is also co-director of the Heart Center Meditation, a Tibetan Buddhist meditation center, in operation for almost thirty years.


Early on Erlewine hitchhiked with Bob Dylan, opened for Cream at the Fillmore Auditorium in 1967, the "Summer of Love," and many other gigs. Later he had a career in music as lead singer and amplified harmonic for the Prime Movers Blues Band, featuring Iggy Pop on drums.

Michael Erlewine can be reached at Michael@Erlewine.net.